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Over 100 years of WORKING WONDERS for men, women and teens! 

Bothersome, embarrassing hair is a problem that affects 90% of all men and women to some degree. Heredity is the key culprit, as well as medications, stress and normal hormonal changes that occur throughout the life cycle. 

Electrolysis has been the traditional method of permanent hair removal for over a century and is still the only medically recognized method.   A small, sterile, disposable probe is gently inserted into each individual hair follicle where a mild electrical current destroys the hair's regenerative cells, permanently destroying further growth, while the skin is not punctured or harmed in any way.  At Cranston Electrolysis we raise the standard for permanent hair removal  with discrete & confidential client care. 

We welcome your questions and offer a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION for those who are just inquiring about hair removal so you can decide if electrolysis is right for you!  




Member of American Electrology Association


Member of Rhode Island Association of Electrologists




Guidelines set forth by the RI Board Of Health are met and exceeded including disposable probes, gloves and sterilization of tweezers.

Cranston Electrolysis Treatment Center
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