Don't Take Our Word For It...  Here's what our clients are saying!


"I am so happy I made the decision to have electrolysis treatments.  The environment was so clean and totally relaxing.  The electrologist was very confidential and caring to my needs.  I love not having to go back to the salon to get waxed every five weeks."   Sherri - Cranston, RI 

"After being disappointed with the results of other methods I've used to rid myself of excess body hair, I am so glad that I decided to try electrolysis through the Cranston Electrolysis Treatment Center. I have seen great results in the 2 months since I started going there. The office is a clean and relaxing place to be in. Sandy is GREAT, she always makes me feel comfortable and never makes me feel rushed. I highly recommend her. Thank you Sandy."
                               Jeff - Cumberland, RI

“I have lived with the daily shaving of my facial hair for many years and was resolved that it would never get any better.  I was introduced to electrology several months ago through Sandy and am very pleased with the results.  She is sensitive to the embarrassment that I suffered through and I recommend electrolysis in general and Cranston Electrolysis specifically for anyone who suffers with unwanted hair."  Wendy - Cranston, RI 

"Sandra runs her business with integrity and passion.  When I'm in her chair I know she's doing everything she can to get rid of the unwanted hairs.  I have a deep respect for her honest communication about what she's doing and the reasons she uses the treatment methods she does.  I've been seeing her for only 2 months and already see a change in my facial hair. 

Thank you Sandra!      Alison - Middletown, RI

“As an eighteen year old girl with a thick happy trail on my stomach and hair popping up on my chest, being able to get electrolysis to remove it has been a miracle to me.  I am about two months into my treatments and am already seeing amazing results.  It has boosted my self esteem tremendously and gave me the confidence to wear a bikini in public. 

I thank God for my electrologist every day.”     Emily - Cranston, RI  

It wasn’t until after my third child that I started having unsightly facial hair on my chin.  Tweezing only made matters much worse.  The few hairs I started with multiplied and became very thick.  After just 9 visits with Sandy, the hairs are just about gone.  I haven’t had to tweeze in months.  The whole experience has been a very positive one for me.  During my time with Sandy she has always been a complete professional.  She explains what she is doing and why, she is always on time, she is friendly and polite, her equipment is always clean and she always makes sure that I am completely comfortable at all times. I can’t think of a more relaxing way to get rid of facial hair –permanently!” 

Laurie - Cranston, RI 

I first heard about Sandy and Cranston Electrolysis from a report on NBC10, and was immediately interested in finding out more about hair removal by electrolysis.  I am plagued with sensitive skin, and was often getting pimples and ingrown hairs from shaving too close, and always seemed to get a patchy five o'clock shadow within a couple hours of shaving.  Sandy is an absolute gem, and I am very impressed with her facility and her professionalism.  She is sensitive to what my skin can tolerate, and I am very impressed in how well my treatments are progressing.  I am able to see a significant difference after only a few treatments, and can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.    Dennis, Coventry, RI

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